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What are the key factors for successful knowledge sharing ? 

  • 11th of December11.00am

Join us to explore the opportunities we offer for digital collaboration.

Our event

In this era of digitalisation, every organisation is facing a competitive, legal and technological environment that is constantly evolving. Growth and agility is needed, to integrate new information, skills or experience faster than ever.


But how’s best to do this? Should you be focusing on building a collaborative culture, or on finding the perfect knowledge tool? At Café Connect, we’ll explore with you the key factors for successful knowledge sharing, so join us for a breakfast of exchange and learning.

heleneGregory Culpin, Head of Sales

Our Head of Customer Success, Hélène Marcq, and our Head of Product Marketing, Grégory Culpin, welcome you to present Elium solution and discuss the key success factors for knowledge sharing within your organisation.


  • Learn how to choose the right collaborative tool for your digital environment.
  • See first-hand how Elium allows you to easily create and share content, and integrates with all kinds of applications to facilitate sharing in just one click.
  • Hear about how we support our customers in their knowledge sharing journey.
  • We provide you with our key success factors for implementing your knowledge sharing solution.